Baker's Cupboard, Kitchen Cabinet, Opossum Belly

  • Circa: 1890's
  • Stock #: Z364
  • Measurements: 58"h X 46.5"w X 25"d
  • Price: $495.00

This maple baker’s or kitchen cabinet is also called a opossum belly cabinet. It comes apart in 2 pieces for ease in transporting. The top has 6 small drawers of various sizes and a single recessed paneled door. The working surface shows wonderful wear from years of rolling out pie dough, kneading bread, etc. The distance from the work surface to under the small drawers on top is 14.75”. On the right is a pull out chopping surface located underneath. There used to be a second one on the left which is missing but can easily be replaced. The base has 6 various sized larger drawers. The bottom drawer on the right has a rounded bottom which originally was intended to store flour and sugar. The shape of the drawer is where the name opossum belly came from. There is a large recessed paneled door on the left. Notice the original cast iron decorative bin pulls on the base and the original wood pulls on the other doors and drawers. The cabinet rests on simple turned feet. The baker’s cabinet retains its original finish which is in very good condition. The finish has a very warm color. What a hard to find functional piece of furniture.

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