Large Framed Pennsylvania Crib Quilt

  • Circa: 1970's
  • Stock #: ZZ012
  • Measurements: 45"h X 65.25"w X 2.25"d
  • Price: $445.00

This amazing Pennsylvania crib size quilt is professionally displayed in a deep shadow box style black frame. The frame has linen looking cloth interior in which the quilt is mounted on. There appears to be padding behind the quilt to give it further definition and depth. The quilt is all handstitched and has 6 panels with different traditional quilt patterns. The hand stitching is remarkable. The top center panel has a flying dove and the lower center panel has 2 resting birds highlighted with further cotton backing using the trapunto style quilting. The earth tone or fall colors, choice of traditional quilting material and overall design makes this a stand out in any home!

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