ACME Toy Child's Wood Cook Stove with Cast Iron Cookware

  • Circa: 1880's
  • Stock #: ZZ087
  • Measurements: 14.5"h X 16"w X 6.5"d
  • Price: $225.00

This cast iron toy wood cook stove is marked ACME. These were a popular toy for children and replicated actual working stoves. It even comes with a variety of iron cookware as well. The stove has a fancy back which supports the chimney and 2 small warming shelves. The iron cooking surface has removable lift lids which allowed the user to rest pots and skillets inside the stove. One of these lids is missing. Notice the rectangular well on the right side. It’s to heat and store hot water for cooking and cleaning. Originally it had a removable lid which is missing. There is an ornate shelf on the right for warming and additional work space. The door and shelf on the left side was to supply the wood. There are 3 ornately cast doors on the front which also open and close. One is to feed coal into the stove. The small one is to empty the ash from the stove and the larger door is to access the oven. The toy stove comes with a coal scuttle; 2 different size Dutch ovens; one skillet; 2 pots with handles and 2 pokers. The stove and cookware are all in excellent condition. The stove height form its feet to the flat cook surface is 7 ½”.

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