Mahogany Victor Victrola Floor Model VV 100

  • Circa: 1920
  • Stock #: ZZ085
  • Measurements: 43"h X 20"w X 22"d
  • Price: $435.00

This mahogany Victor Victrola is in remarkable condition and is all original. The model is VV100 and was introduced in 1921. Inside the domed shaped lift lid is the original colorful decal. The chrome arm and reproducer are in excellent working condition. There are compartments for spare and used needles, a speed adjuster and an on/off switch. It even comes with its original locking key! The record player has its original wind up crank as well. Below are 2 small doors over 2 larger doors. The top doors open and close for volume control. The bottom doors have partitions for storing your 78 RPM records. The finish is original and in excellent condition. This machine is ready to play in your home or office. Amazingly, it has a wonderful sound!

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