Mahogany Floor Model Victrola Record Player

  • Circa: 1915
  • Stock #: ZZ179
  • Measurements: 44"h X 20"w X 22.5"d
  • Price: $335.00

This mahogany record player was made by the Victrola Manufacturing Company in Camden, NJ. The wind up Victor Talking Machine plays 78 rpm records which are still readily available. The player resides in a mahogany cabinet with a domed top. The lid retains its original lock and interior stenciled label. Inside are the original working components which include the nickel plated arm, reproducer, on/off tab, speed adjuster and felt covered turntable. It also includes storage for needles and an extra partially used package of needles. The model is # VVXI. The player is in excellent working condition and has a lovely sound quality. The original hand crank is located on the side. When the crank is fully wound an entire record will play. There are 2 pairs of cabinet doors on the front. The top 2 open to reveal the speaker and controls the volume. The 2 lower doors reveal shelves for storing records. The Victrola rests on its original casters. The cabinet finish is original and in excellent condition. There is a very minor rub in the center of the lid which is barely noticeable. What a fine piece of Americana.

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