Handpainted Victorian Rose Plate, Signed Charger

  • Circa: 1880-1900
  • Stock #: G232
  • Measurements: 12.25"w X 12.25"d
  • Price: $135.00
  • Sale Price: $115.00

This hand painted large plate or charger is beautifully rendered.  The roses are large and lifelike against a green to teal green background.  The leaves display shades of green to soft gold with hints of lavender.  There is a signature located at the stem of the bouquet of roses, which appears to have the name Gruner.  Notice the scalloped shaped edge and double hand painted gold border.  The back of the plate reads Weiman, Germany.  The condition is excellent.  We currently have a second plate of the same size and similar design, which would greatly compliment one another and add décor to any room.

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