Silver Plate Epergne with Cut Glass Bowls

  • Circa: 1990
  • Stock #: T28
  • Measurements: 25"h X 21"w X 21"d
  • Price: $2950.00

This vintage reproduction Victorian epergne is of exceptional quality and has exquisite detailing. A true Victorian period epergne of this caliber would easily command 5 – 7 times the price. The silver plated frame is quite heavy and the castings are finely rendered. The silver plating is in excellent condition. The top column is of 3 flowering plants encircled by 2 children playing. The top of the column supports a 13.5” diameter by 4” deep cut glass bowl. Below are 6 ornately cast arms in the shape of trailing leaves with flowers. Each arm supports a 6” diameter cut glass bowl. The bowls are 1.5” deep. The arms are attached to a tree trunk looking column. The arms and glass are removable for storing and cleaning. The base of the epergne is massive in size and weight. The base design has castings of different flowers and acanthus leaves. The silver plated frame and the glass bowls are all in excellent condition. What an exciting and dramatic centerpiece this will make for the dining room!

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