Beaded Art Nouveau Purse

  • Circa: 1900-1920's
  • Stock #: U178
  • Measurements: 13.5"h X 7.5"w
  • Price: $295.00

This lovely beaded purse has classic Art Nouveau styling. The delicate looking frame has a stylized butterfly for the clasp and a filigree garland of tiny flowers along the outside edge. There is wonderful etching along the top of the frame as well. The original decorative chain measures 6” long. The height from the bottom of the fringe beads to the top of the clasp is 13.5”. The purse opens to reveal its original silk lining which has some tears. The beadwork is in excellent condition and is a wonderful, hard to find chocolate color. The beaded fringe is also in excellent condition and measures 3.5” long. What a wonderful and unique Art Nouveau period beaded purse.

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