Mahogany Folding Screen

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: R628
  • Measurements: 67.25"h X 60"w X 1"d
  • Price: $285.00

This mahogany and cherry, 3 panel folding screen retains its original fabric.  The frame is of the sick and ball construction, which was popular circa 1900.  Each panel is divided into 2 sections.  On one side, the top 3 sections have a tapestry fabric with tavern scenes.  The bottom sections and all the backs of the panels are covered in linen fabric.  All of the fabric is original.  There is a tear in one linen section on a front panel and one linen section on a back panel.  All the tapestry sections are in excellent condition.  The frame is also in excellent condition.  The screen or room divider folds easily and is quite sturdy.

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