Hand Painted Oak Folding Screen with Iris and Hollyhocks

  • Circa: 1890-1910
  • Stock #: S232
  • Measurements: 64"h X 66"w
  • Price: $875.00

This Victorian oak stick and ball screen has 3 lovely handpainted original panels.  The oil on canvas panels are beautifully rendered.  One panel is of several hollyhock stems.  The center panel appears to be a blooming cherry tree limb with a flock of birds.  The third panel is of a group of large bearded iris.  Their colors are bright and vibrant.  All are in excellent condition.  One panel has a small tear, which was professionally repaired and nearly impossible to locate.  The oak frame has delicately turned finials and is in excellent condition.  The brass hardware is original and works perfectly.  What a beautiful accessory, which will make a statement in any home.

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