German Mettlach Beer, Ale Pitcher

  • Circa: 1903
  • Stock #: V109
  • Measurements: 14.5"h X 9"w X 7"d
  • Price: $585.00

This German Beer or ale pitcher is signed Mettlach and was made by Villeroy and Boch. Notice the pewter rimmed spout with the figural thumb lift. It appears to be of a gnome or Alpine figure on a decorative handle. There is a ½" tight crack near the spout. This is only visible upon very close examination. The pitcher has a raised leaf design with hand paintings of hop plants, flowers and mountain scenes with cottages, trees and a water wheel. The colors are pale mustard with dark brown. The pitcher has a glossy glaze and is in excellent condition. The marks underneath indicate that it is model # 2183 and dated 1903.


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