Chinoisserie Red Desk by Drexel

  • Circa: 1970's
  • Stock #: Y65
  • Measurements: 30"h X 56"w X 28"d
  • Price: $985.00

This Drexel made desk has a red and gold Asian inspired finish which is called Chinoisserie. The finish is original and in great condition. The 3 part leather top has a gold line embossing along their edges. There are sprigs of hand painted flowers throughout the top. The gold along the front edge, above the center drawer, has some expected wear. All the drawers have their original cast brass pulls. Notice the hand painted pagoda and Asian design which are built up and raised, not smooth, which gives it a 3 dimensional look. The bottom drawers are uniquely shaped to follow the desk curves on either side of the chair opening – very cool. There are additional painted figures on the ends of the desk. Notice how the other side of the desk has five faux drawers which are richly decorated as well. This desk was designed to be seen from all four sides. The desk rests on tall, slender, serpentine shaped legs ending in a French style foot. The original painted surface is in overall excellent condition having only minor rubs.

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