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Gothic Oak Desk, Kimbel & Cabus Featured

  • Circa: 1890's
  • Stock #: Y43
  • Measurements: 54.5"h X 36.5"w X 21"d
  • Price: $1750.00
  • Anniversary Sale: $1225.00

This unusual solid oak desk is in the Gothic Victorian style and was most likely made by the prestigious Kimbel and Cabus Furniture Co. of New York City. The desk comes apart in 2 pieces for ease in transporting. There are several unique features. The center box has a slanted lid that lifts up for storage. Below is a small door with a recessed panel with delicate incised carving. Notice the dramatic exterior hinges. The door retains its original escutcheon and working lock. On either side of the center door are small drawers with repeated incised carvings on the front and their original pulls. There is a long shelf below and a slanted lid. Notice the stylized incised carving of an open book on the front of the lid. The lid drops down to reveal a burgundy felt writing surface. This same lid also cleverly lifts up to reveal an additional storage compartment. Below is a kneehole with a door on either side. Each door has dramatically designed exterior hinges decorating their outsides and original escutcheons with working locks and key. Check out the angled legs and base with mortise and tenons which is typical of Kimbel and Cabus furniture. Check out the side with unique linen fold carvings and trefoil cut outs. The finish is in excellent condition.

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