Oak Stacking Barrister Bookcase by Gunn

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Z50
  • Measurements: 74.5"h X 34"w X 14"d
  • Price: $845.00

This solid oak barrister bookcase was made by Gunn Furniture Manufacturing Company of Grand Rapids, MI. Barrister or stacking bookcases were originally designed for lawyers or doctors, etc. to store their reference books. Like all barrister bookcases, they come apart in sections for ease in transporting. This bookcase is comprised of 7 pieces which include a cap, 5 separate cases and a base. Two of the cases will store books up to 9” tall, two will accommodate books up to 13” tall and one will hold books up to 11” tall. Each case has a glass front that lifts up and slides back for easy access. All open and close smoothly. The bookcase appears to retain its original finish which is in very good condition. This particular bookcase has 2 larger, hard to find, sections which allows for large, oversized books to be stored.

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