Oak Bar Cabinet Featured

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Z129
  • Measurements: 62.75"h X 22.5"w X 16"d
  • Price: $585.00

This oak bar and liquor cabinet has some unusual features. The top has 2 shapely doors with its original brass key escutcheon and working lock. The inside dimensions are 12” tall by 16” wide – perfect for storing liquor or wine bottles. Below is an open shelf that is 14.5” tall and at the perfect height for mixing and pouring drinks. The lower cabinet door has a wonderful applied and carved design on the front. The door has a replaced brass pull and its working lock. Check out the interior! There are 12 receptacles for storing shot glasses or small cordials on the inside of the door. There are also 2 ledges with cut outs to store 12 wine glasses or stemware. In addition there is a shelf for storing more glasses or an ice bucket. At the base is a rotating holder for storing 5 more wine or liquor bottles. The height of the bar allows for additional bottles or decanters to rest on its top. The narrowness of this cabinet makes it extremely adaptable and easy to place. Look closely on the back, left corner of the shelf below the top doors. There is a 1” square of wood missing. This does not affect its integrity or ‘cool’ looks. The finish is in excellent condition. What a statement this will make in any home, apartment or office!

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