Lectern or Podium with Light

  • Circa: 1920's
  • Stock #: Z113
  • Measurements: 50"h X 17.75"w X 14"d
  • Price: $585.00

This unusual podium or lectern is a real gem! The podium is made of intricately cast aluminum. There is a domed shade which swivels and adjusts to direct the light bulb located inside. The light is in excellent working condition. Below the light is an inset slag glass panel. On either side of the light are small storage areas measuring 3.5” wide by 1.5” deep by 43” tall. The highly embossed decorative slanted top has a raised lip along the bottom edge to secure papers or books, etc. There is also a black leather top that lifts up revealing additional storage. Check out the four decoratively cast columns supporting the top. The ornate lectern base has a pierced cast finial in the center. The frame is tight and all is in excellent condition. What a cool item to display your favorite book or to make a statement when delivering your speech or lecture.

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