Oak Revolving Bookcase with Book Holder Featured

  • Circa: 1900-1920
  • Stock #: Z137
  • Measurements: 34"h X 19.75"w X 19.75"d
  • Price: $795.00

This solid oak stand is actually a revolving bookcase. The top has a lid that is hinged and can be raised and supported to hold a book – cool, huh! Each shelf supports 4 areas to hold books. The top shelf holds books measuring up to 10.5” tall. The lower shelf will hold books up to 12” tall. The depth and width of each section is 7” by 10.25”. The bookcase rests on a 4 leg pedestal with a rotating iron rod hidden in the center. The legs retain their original casters. The bookcase rotates smoothly for easy access. The finish appears original and is in excellent condition.

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