Rare Oak Corner Bookcase

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Z189
  • Measurements: 53"h X 69.25"w X 52"d
  • Price: $1375.00

This unusual solid oak bookcase was custom designed to occupy a corner. As you face the bookcase, the wall space on the left needs to be at least 69 ¼” wide and the wall space on the right needs to be at least 52” wide. The bookcase comes apart in 3 main pieces for ease in transporting. Notice the fluted columns on either side of the pair of double doors. All the doors retain their original brass key escutcheons and working locks. Each door has 3 adjustable shelves for a total of 12. Each shelf on the right measures 9” deep and 18 ½” wide and the shelves on the left are 9” deep and 27” wide. The finish is original and in very good condition. Look closely and you will see a narrow 8” sliver of wood missing along the front right edge of the top cornice. We chose not to repair it due to the fact we did not find it offensive, but we can arrange to do so for an additional cost.

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