Oak 4 Stack Barrister by Lundstrom, Little Falls, NY

  • Circa: 1920's
  • Stock #: Z267
  • Measurements: 56.75"h X 33.5"w X 12.5"d
  • Price: $595.00

This solid oak barrister bookcase was made by Lundstrom, Little Falls, NY. Barrister bookcases were originally used by professionals, such as lawyers, to store reference books. They are designed to come apart for easy transporting. This bookcase is comprised of 6 sections: a cap, 4 stacks and a base. Three stacks will accommodate books up to 9” tall and one stack 11” tall. The glass fronts lift up and slide back for easy access. Notice the base with the built in drawer and its original brass cup pulls. The bookcase retains its original finish which is in excellent condition. One interesting feature on this set and rarely seen are the paneled backs on all the stacks – very cool!

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