Small Mahogany Revolving Bookcase

  • Circa: 1940's
  • Stock #: Z380
  • Measurements: 33"h X 18"w X 18"d
  • Price: $385.00

This inlaid mahogany bookcase sets on a center axis which allows it to rotate 360 degrees for easy access. How cool is that? The top has a center scalloped inlaid design using contrasting woods such as satinwood and ebony. There is also a delicately inlaid banding near the edge. The top shelf is divided into 4 sections, each measuring 11.5” tall, 5” deep and 10” wide. The bottom shelf measures 12” tall, 5” deep and 10” wide. The size allows the bookcase to cleverly store items other than books. Notice the slender slats accented with brass tacks. The finish is in excellent condition having a deep rich color. The rotating mechanism works smoothly.

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