Flip Top Poker or Game Table, Metamorphic Furniture Featured

  • Circa: 1920-1940's
  • Stock #: Z372
  • Measurements: 30.5"h X 42"w X 42"d
  • Price: $985.00
  • Anniversary Sale: $837.00

This flip top metamorphic piece of furniture can change from a dining table to poker table – how cool is that? The top has a cast brass latch along the side that you pull down. This releases and allows the top to flip over to reveal a game or poker playing surface. There are 8 separate quarter sawn oak trays for collecting your poker chips, cards, etc. In the middle, there is another brass latch that releases the green felt top to expose more storage compartments for gaming pieces. The maple table has slender serpentine legs ending with boldly carved ball and claw feet. The finish is in excellent condition. The latches and mechanism are also in great working condition.

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