Oak Barrister Bookcase by Macey

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Z383
  • Measurements: 92" or less X 34"w X 10'-14"d
  • Price: $1375.00
  • Anniversary Sale: $1168.00

This tall solid oak barrister or stacking bookcase was made by Macey. The bookcase is comprised of 8 separate pieces; a cap, a base and 6 bookcase sections. What’s unusual about this bookcase is the deep, stepped out base – perfect for oversize or folio books! The larger base unit will accommodate books up to 14.25” tall by 12” deep. The remaining 5 stacks will accommodate books up to 11” tall by 8” deep. If you are interested in a shorter bookcase, we can remove one of the 5 stacks and price it at $1250.00. Each stack has a glass door which lifts up and slides back for easy access. This particular Macey model has a spring loaded mechanism which assists in sliding the glass doors. It’s a neat feature! In addition, each stack has its original brass pull. The finish appears original and is in excellent condition. If you look closely at the door of the larger bottom stack, there is a quarter size hole in the wood frame on the door. It does not affect its functionality and is only visible if you squat down to look.

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