Oak Stacking File

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: ZZ104
  • Measurements: 76"h X 33"w X 25"d
  • Price: $1975.00

This quarter sawn stacking oak file and cabinet combination was made by The Office Specialty Manufacturing Co., Limited. The unit is comprised of 5 separate stacking sections. The base has two recessed paneled doors with brass knobs and a working key. Inside is a single shelf. The next section is two standard side by side file drawers complete with original cardboard alphabetical files. The drawers have their original brass file card holders and solid brass handles. The next section steps back and measures 17” deep and has 9 file drawers, each measuring 10” wide and 4” tall. Each drawer has its original brass file card holder and pull. Also, inside each drawer is a unique metal and paper file holder. The fourth stack is a glass front bookcase. The glass door lifts up and slides back for access. The fifth section is the cap to the entire system. The sides to each of the sections have recessed paneled ends. The finish is original and in very good condition having expected wear and use. What a useful and practical furnishing.

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