4 Stack Oak Barrister Bookcase by Hale

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: ZZ137
  • Measurements: 63.5"h X 34"w X 14.5"d
  • Price: $575.00

This solid oak barrister or stacking bookcase is marked “Hale”. The bookcase can be easily transported. It comes in 6 separate pieces: a cap, 4 glass door units and a base, which all interlock. Each unit has a brass pull and a glass door which lifts up and slides back for easy access. Each will hold books up to 11.5” tall. The bookcase is made from quarter sawn oak and the finish is in very good to excellent condition having a warm color and desirable patina. There is a 6” long sliver of wood missing on the top right end between the cap and the first unit. It is not immediately noticeable and will not affect its function or integrity.

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