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This handsome solid cherry 2 piece cabinet is referred to as a Pennsylvania Dutch cupboard. The top has a bold cornice with 2 glass doors each having 6 separate panes. The early glass is original and they retain their original locking mechanism. Inside are 3 shelves. Two of them have their original removable plate rails which re strips of wood used to support and keep the china or pewter in place. Also, two of the shelves have utensil holders which are carved into the edge of the shelves in which you drop in your spoons, etc. for storage. Each shelf has double grooves to also support your upright plates for storage and display. Notice the open area below the top cabinet. This is called a pie shelf and, yes, it is where pies were placed for cooling and storage. The base cabinet has 3 hand dovetailed drawers with rolled fronts and two recessed paneled doors below with a single shelf inside. Notice the simple, but elegantly turned full column on either side of the doors. The cupboard rests on boldly turned feet and has recessed paneled ends. The finish is in excellent condition having a warm color and desirable patina. What an attractive and functional piece for your kitchen, dining room or study.

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This solid mahogany bookcase is from the late 1800’s. On either side of the 3 glass doors are carved roaring lion heads above carved acanthus leaves. Each door retains its original working locks and 3 adjustable shelves. Notice the egg and dart trim below the bookcase top and delicate moulding above the doors. Look closely on the right end side and you will see a 4” loss of trim just below the top – hardly worth mentioning and not obvious. The bookcase rests on boldly carved paw feet. Notice the repeat of carved acanthus leaves above the feet. The finish appears original and is in excellent condition.

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This solid mahogany barrister bookcase was made by the highly regarded Globe Wernicke of
Cincinnati, OH. These are referred to as a double wide and are much harder to find than the standard barrister bookcases. The bookcase is comprised of 7 separate pieces-the cap, 5 glass front units and the base. Notice the delicate satinwood line inlay throughout, even on the recessed panels on the sides. Each glass door operates independently by raising up and sliding back for easy access. One long stack or unit will accommodate books up to 8.5” tall; 2 stacks will accommodate 10.5” books and the other 2 will accommodate books up to 12.25” tall. All the doors open and close smoothly. The finish appears original and is in great condition having a deep, rich color and desirable patina.

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This tall solid oak barrister or stacking bookcase was made by Macey. The bookcase is comprised of 8 separate pieces; a cap, a base and 6 bookcase sections. What’s unusual about this bookcase is the deep, stepped out base – perfect for oversize or folio books! The larger base unit will accommodate books up to 14.25” tall by 12” deep. The remaining 5 stacks will accommodate books up to 11” tall by 8” deep. If you are interested in a shorter bookcase, we can remove one of the 5 stacks and price it at $1250.00. Each stack has a glass door which lifts up and slides back for easy access. This particular Macey model has a spring loaded mechanism which assists in sliding the glass doors. It’s a neat feature! In addition, each stack has its original brass pull. The finish appears original and is in excellent condition. If you look closely at the door of the larger bottom stack, there is a quarter size hole in the wood frame on the door. It does not affect its functionality and is only visible if you squat down to look.

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This flip top metamorphic piece of furniture can change from a dining table to poker table – how cool is that? The top has a cast brass latch along the side that you pull down. This releases and allows the top to flip over to reveal a game or poker playing surface. There are 8 separate quarter sawn oak trays for collecting your poker chips, cards, etc. In the middle, there is another brass latch that releases the green felt top to expose more storage compartments for gaming pieces. The maple table has slender serpentine legs ending with boldly carved ball and claw feet. The finish is in excellent condition. The latches and mechanism are also in great working condition.

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This hard to find small size solid oak bookcase revolves 360 degrees on its iron pedestal. There are two shelves below. One measures 11” tall and the other measures 12” tall. The sides have molded and reeded slats with decorative brass tacks. Check out the fancy cast iron base. The bookcase rests on its metal casters. The wood and iron are in excellent condition and the bookcase rotates smoothly.

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This outrageous triple frame was handmade by a true artisan and is comprised of mixed metals. The 3 dimensional flowers and leaves are made of hammered steal or tin. The twisting vines and legs are hammered iron. The workmanship and attention to detail is amazing. The flowers are large and beautifully executed surrounding 3 oval shaped picture openings. The top opening measures 6” X 3” and the lower 2 measure 5” X 4”. The frame has a dark bronze looking patina which is quite dramatic. There are no losses and it is in excellent condition.

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This inlaid mahogany bookcase sets on a center axis which allows it to rotate 360 degrees for easy access. How cool is that? The top has a center scalloped inlaid design using contrasting woods such as satinwood and ebony. There is also a delicately inlaid banding near the edge. The top shelf is divided into 4 sections, each measuring 11.5” tall, 5” deep and 10” wide. The bottom shelf measures 12” tall, 5” deep and 10” wide. The size allows the bookcase to cleverly store items other than books. Notice the slender slats accented with brass tacks. The finish is in excellent condition having a deep rich color. The rotating mechanism works smoothly.

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This unusual early quarter sawn oak recliner chair was made by the prestigious firm Hunzinger of NYC, NY. Reclining chairs of this Victorian period are often called Morris chairs. The chair retains its original Hunzinger metal label. The chair has a rod in the back which can be moved in 4 different positions allowing the chair to adjust from slightly reclined to fully reclined. A rare feature is the collapsible tables attached to each chair arm. There is a heavy duty adjustable metal brace that snaps in place and supports the table surfaces when in use. Imagine resting your drink, paperwork or notebook on the table – how clever and convenient! The chair appears to have its original finish which is in excellent condition. The fabric will need to be replaced but would be an easy job for any upholsterer. The seat has a spring base and is extremely comfortable. Notice the tall back which is another great feature for those of us who need the height. The chair rests on its original casters. The oak frame is tight and in excellent condition. This chair is designed to take a lot of use and abuse.

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This heavy duty solid brass and cast iron floor lamp has a unique feature. The arm that supports the socket and shade adjusts up or down for reading convenience. The lamp has been recently rewired and has an on/off pull chain which is in excellent working condition. Due to its construction and design, this lamp is extremely sturdy. Its styling will easily compliment a variety of styles. The shade has some stains but can be easily replaced with a bulb clip style.

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