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This hard to find solid cherry corner cupboard has some Victorian elements. The two piece cabinet has a boldly designed top cornice with large dentil moldings and carved rosettes. There are delicate fluting on the front and sides. The double doors have 2 glass panes in each and retain its working lock with key. Notice the original decorative and unusual cast brass exterior hinges on the doors. The later white painted interior has 3 adjustable original shelves. The base has one large center drawer flanked by 2 smaller drawers, all having brass pulls. Below are 2 doors with recessed and carved fronts and its original lock with key. Inside is a single shelf. This handsome cupboard requires at least a 36” wide wall on each side of the corner. The finish is in excellent condition.

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What a cool Arts & Crafts oak desk! The quality and attention to detail is superb. The quarter sawn oak slant front has the carved initials B.A.N. The old English style lettering was accomplished by carving away the background or field leaving the raised initials. What a Feat! Check out the hardware! The desk lid has handmade decorative straps on the front with a ring pull and working lock. The fall front drops and becomes the writing surface. Inside are 11 various size3d cubbies. Notice the heavy duty brass hinges and lid support. The exposed mortise and tenon construction, visible on the sides is so cool! There is a single drawer having the same brass pulls. Below is a single shelf. This is not a wimpy piece of Arts and Crafts furniture. Its construction, design and weight are impressive. The finish appears original and is in excellent condition having a warm color and very desirable patina.

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This pair of handmade lamps was cleverly designed using turn of the century leather bound law books. Each has a stack of 3 books of various law subjects such as “Supreme Court Reports to Personal Injury in Mines”. They rest on a oak plynth base and have double sockets with pull chains. The beautifully handmade shades are of a mahogany veneer lined with a gold foil backing. The books have some expected light wear on the leather which does not detract and only adds to their character and appeal. The height of the oak base with books measures 9" tall, 10.5" wide and 8" deep. The shades are in excellent condition. Both lamps are in excellent working condition.

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This oval walnut beveled mirror has the best floral carvings! The carvings are life size and life like. The attention to detail is impressive. The carvings are deep and meticulous. You can't help but be impressed with the quality. Each of the 4 sprigs or bouquets is different. The 5” deep frame also has gadroon or rope carvings between the floral sprigs. Notice the delicate beading along the inside and outside of the frame. The beveled mirror appears original. The frame’s finish is in excellent condition having the richest color and patina. What a statement this will make in any home!

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This Bradley and Hubbard double student lamp frame is completely all original. The solid brass lamp was never converted to electric and can be presently used as an oil or kerosene lighting fixture as it was originally intended. You will be amazed by its extraordinary condition. Each arm has a font with Duplex burners with double wicks adjusters and a snuffer. The center shaft has a knob which adjusts the height of the lamp by raising the shades up and down. The large oil reservoir is completely intact and working. The frame has a weighted base and is quite heavy. The 10” diameter mild glass shades and clear glass chimneys are appropriate replacements. The lamp retains its aged brass finish. There is a slight crease in the top of the reservoir which does not affect its function or aesthetics. What a treat to own this wonderful working intact B&H double student lamp.

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This small sized solid cherry chest of drawers is from the Empire period. It’s an extremely hard to find size in this early style. The top overhanging drawer is extremely deep and rests atop the 3 other drawers which graduate in size. Amazingly, all retain their original working locks. The glass knobs are original except the bottom 2. Look closely and you will see they are slightly different. Each of the two has some small chips in the base of the glass knob. The sleigh shaped front corners end in curvaceous carved feet. The finish is in excellent condition having a rich color and desirable patina.

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This solid walnut Victorian library table or writing desk is in great condition. The top has a burgundy colored inset leather looking top framed in beautiful burled walnut. There is a single hand dovetailed drawer on the right and a faux one on the left. Notice the paneled front and sides. The drawer is missing its lock. The desk rests on substantial looking boldly carved and turned legs. The finish is in excellent condition having a rich, warm color and desirable patina.

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This maple baker’s or kitchen cabinet is also called a opossum belly cabinet. It comes apart in 2 pieces for ease in transporting. The top has 6 small drawers of various sizes and a single recessed paneled door. The working surface shows wonderful wear from years of rolling out pie dough, kneading bread, etc. The distance from the work surface to under the small drawers on top is 14.75”. On the right is a pull out chopping surface located underneath. There used to be a second one on the left which is missing but can easily be replaced. The base has 6 various sized larger drawers. The bottom drawer on the right has a rounded bottom which originally was intended to store flour and sugar. The shape of the drawer is where the name opossum belly came from. There is a large recessed paneled door on the left. Notice the original cast iron decorative bin pulls on the base and the original wood pulls on the other doors and drawers. The cabinet rests on simple turned feet. The baker’s cabinet retains its original finish which is in very good condition. The finish has a very warm color. What a hard to find functional piece of furniture.

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This early telephone actually works! The tall case has its original rotary dial, heavy Bakelite receiver and a cloth cord. The cord was adapted to connect to a modern plug. There is a rare feature on the side. You can press the button to mute anything you want to say so that the person on the other end cannot hear you. Cool, huh? The case, dial and receiver are all in excellent condition.

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This rare woman’s Victorian pipe is made from gutta percha. The unusual figural pipe displays a hand holding a high button shoe. Gutta percha can be described as an early natural hard like plastic that came from the sap of trees and could be molded into objects. It was discovered and developed in the 1840’s and was used for a variety of purposed such as cases for holding early photographs, hand mirrors, match safes, etc. This delicate looking pipe would have been used by a woman and is in great condition. Look closely and you will see a patent date of July 20th, 1875. We love the detail in the hand and shoe – so cool!

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